A List Group About Spiritual Surrender
About Surrendering One's Life, Heart and Mind to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart

A Note About an Email List Group Devoted to
the Topic of Spiritual Surrender

In mid-August 2007, I was guided by Holy Spirit to create this website about spiritual surrender and also to start a list group at Yahoo Groups for persons who are sincerely engaged in the process of surrender to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart. The list group is named Spiritual Surrender, and its shorthand name is spiritual-surrender. Here is some more information on the list group:

This list group is devoted to discussion of the radical act of spiritual surrender, that is, complete surrender of one's life, breath, thoughts, feelings and actions to Holy Spirit, to God, to Supreme Heart, but without the stigma of ties to the dogma or baggage of any religious denomination, religious tradition, or religious agenda. The group is intended as a support group for sincere persons who are committed to the path of spiritual surrender. The group is not intended to be a forum for the intellectual discussion of spirituality, nor of New Age concepts, nor of politics, nor for the spouting of ego-based fear-driven pseudospirit-babble about the need to save humankind, dolphins, whales, rutabagas or the world from some kind of imagined impending disaster, but rather, the list group is intended to offer support for those on the path, and to provide a place for sharing actual real-life tales of surrender to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart. Due to the fact that list groups devoted to topics such as this tend to act as a magnet for many lost New Agers and New Age-like crusaders who feel the need to save the world, it is worth repeating here that intellectual discussions and particularly fear-based ego-driven overtures will not be allowed. The group will be firmly moderated to keep it on topic, although a bit of humor and light-heartedness is always welcome.

This group was founded by and is operated by Vinny Pinto, a degreed scientist and a mystic. The concept of letting go of the desires and aspirations of the local self (which many traditions call the ego) and surrendering our life instead to the guidance, Presence and Grace of Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart is one which has emerged in numerous religious and spiritual traditions -- both Eastern and Western -- since time immemorial. The same concept has also been espoused by numerous spiritual masters, including Jesus Christ, Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna, Jean Klein and Lester Levenson (although his message has often been somewhat re-framed by those trying to market some of his concepts about releasing and letting go since his death!)

One of my primary reasons for forming this list group was due to a recognition of some inherent limitations in the various email list groups (one of which I operate) and forums devoted to the "releasing" or "letting go" work promulgated by commercial enterprises which market some of the "letting go" concepts of Lester Levenson, due to the focus of marketers on releasing as a tool to achieve the goals of the local mind, i.e., goals such as wealth, fancy cars, travel, great health, or a perfect lover; they also preach the message that we must "work" at a technique called "releasing". In contrast, while I believe that the act of releasing and letting go is essential and is also nearly universal to all esoteric spiritual traditions, there is no need to overdo it and turn it into one more struggle and effort, one more thing that we "should do" in order to "succeed", and rather the path of surrender which I mention is one of Grace and Ease.

How to Join
To visit the home page of the Spiritual Surrender list group at Yahoo Groups -- where you may join the group by clicking on the button labeled "Join This Group" --  go to:

Alternatively, to join the list group via email, send an email to

Have fun!

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